Contesting Place in a Post-colonial Space

(Re)colonizing Tradition

A Pedestrian Guide to a "Traditional" City

Welcome to Bhaktapur

[1] The Tea Stall at Guhepukhu

[2] Nava Durga Chitra Mandir

[3] Khauma Square

[4] Tourist Motor Park

[5] Indrani Pitha

[6]Lasku Dhwakha Gate

[7]Char Dham

[8]Cafe de Temple

[9]Batsala Temple

[10] Batsala Temple

[11] City Hall

[12] The Procession Route

[13] Pujari Math

[14] The Peacock Restaurant

[15] Sewage Collection Ponds

[16] Bhairavanath Temple

On a Sunday Night Before The Election in 1999

On a Sunday night before the election in 1999, I had bought some election materials for the Nepal Workers and Peasants Party (Nepal Majdur Kisan Sangh ) from a passing peddler. I was sitting on the street corner drinking tea and browsing through the pamphlet. A group of men came over to talk with me. They saw what I was reading and one said, "Are you going to become Chicagošs Rohit?" And I said, "Wešve already got one. His name is Daley." Although I tried to use humor to deflate the incident, I could tell that I had alienated some and made others friendlier. Politics in Bhaktapur is a serious everyday concern, as or even more important than religion. Whom you talk with and whom you associate with not only have an effect on how you are perceived, but a direct impact on your quotidian affairs. And what indicates onešs affiliation is not always clear at first.


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Durbar Square

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