Contesting Place in a Post-colonial Space

(Re)colonizing Tradition

A Pedestrian Guide to a "Traditional" City

Welcome to Bhaktapur

[1] The Tea Stall at Guhepukhu

[2] Nava Durga Chitra Mandir

[3] Khauma Square

[4] Tourist Motor Park

[5] Indrani Pitha

[6]Lasku Dhwakha Gate

[7]Char Dham

[8]Cafe de Temple

[9]Batsala Temple

[10] Batsala Temple

[11] City Hall

[12] The Procession Route

[13] Pujari Math

[14] The Peacock Restaurant

[15] Sewage Collection Ponds

[16] Bhairavanath Temple

Tacapa: Square

The square is one of the main urban spaces of Bhaktapur and grew up around the ancient crossroads between India and Tibet and is the oldest part of Bhaktapur. The Square is also known as taha chapara, which means the big rest house. It probably gets its name from the Dattatreya Temple, because once a year during the month of February the temple becomes a big rest house for a benign invasion consisting of thousands of pilgrims from all over India and other parts of Nepal. They descend upon the Square to celebrate Shiva ratri, a night-long festival celebrating ═iva. The main structure in the Square is the Dattatreya Temple [S].The god Dattatreya is a three-headed combination of Brahma, Vishnu, and ═iva, with Vishnu predominating in the trinityőthus his symbols of the conch, the wheel, and garuda, are mounted on stone pillars in front of the temple.


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